Teachings of Lord Caitanya: Chapter 27 – Lord Caitanya and Ramananda Raya

09. Why Lord Caitanya gave special treatment to Ramananda Raya?

a) because he was fully egaged in enjoying material sense gratification.
b) because he was stalwart followers of the rituals.
c) because he was the follower of Mayawadi Sampradaya.
d) because although he was born in a nonbrahminical family, he advanced in spiritual knowledge and activity.


13. What is the charecteristic of Shudra?

a) He who is engaged in agriculture, herding cows and carrying out a trade or business.
b) He whose aim is to understand the Supreme Lord,and devote himself to the learning of the Vedas & literatures.
c) He who has no special knowledge but is satisfied by serving the other three classes.
d) He who has taken to displaying force and entering government administration.