Nectar Of Instruction: Verse 03

03. What makes devotional service different from meditation ?

a) Devotional service allows one to move freely but meditation doesn't
b) Devotional service puts an end to all mundane activities & one engages in devotional activities but meditation stops mundane activities for the time being 
c) Meditation helps one to have good concentration over objects than devotional service
d) None of the above


10. Visudda-sattva is

a) The platform of pure goodness
b) The platform of goodness free from contamination
c) Neither a nor b
d) Either a or b


12. What is the gist of this NOI text 3 ?

a) Devotees shouldn't deviate from the path of devotional service like karmi, jnani, yogi
b) Devotees should enthusiastically execute the regulative activities of devotional service with patience & confidence 
c) Both a & b
d) The six principles favorable to the execution of devotional service develops the character of a devotee