Srila Prabhupada Lilamrita: Volume 04

03. Prabhupada’s Godbrothers too had been to London. But the main difference Prabhupada want to bring up was

a)     Prabhupada’s Godbrothers did not speak English but he wanted his disciples to speak English
b)     Prabhupada’s God brothers had imitated the British ways but he wanted British to imitate the Vaishnavas
c)     Prabhupada’s God brothers were kind to the British, but he wanted to be strict 
d)     Prabhupada’s God Brothers were less numbered but his disciples should be in large numbers


01. When Prabhupada arrived at the London Heathrow airport,

a)     He was immediately driven by his disciples to his apartment
b)     A grand reception was arranged and Prabhupada was driven to V.I.P. lounge, bypassing the formalities of immigration and customs
c)     Was alone with just one disciple
d)     He felt very sick