Srimad Bhagavatam: Canto 04, Chapter 09 – Dhruva Maharaja Returns Home

03. Lord blessed Dhruva by

a)   Touching Dhruva with His lotus hands
b)   Touching Dhruva’s chest with His lotus feet
c)   By glancing into Dhruva’s eyes
d)   Touching His conch shell to Dhruva’s forehead


04. The stage of Bhramananda is

a)   Merging into the absolute
b)   Reaching the heavenly planets
c)   Elevating to the transcendental planet of Goloka Vrndavana
d)   Always remaining joyful as Lord Brahma


06. The special significance of polestar or Dhruvaloka was that

a)   This planet would be equally opulent as Vaikunta planet
b)   Until entire universe is annihilated, that is even during devastations at every night of Brahma, this planet        would remain
c)   Even after the devastation at the end of Brahma’s life time, this planet would remain
d)   None of the above


09. Dhruva Maharaja was morose even after achieving all the desired benedictions because

a)   He became situated in vasudeva platform due to seeing the Lord face to face and all his material        contaminations got cleared
b)   He was very much ashamed of himself for desiring for revenge for his stepmother or for most exalted        post within this material world
c)   He became conscious of the unimportance of his demand and compared them to pieces of broken glass
d)   All the above