Srimad Bhagavatam: Canto 04, Chapter 30 – The Activities of the Pracetas

03. Lord Vishnu blessed the Pracetas by telling

a)   To remain Brahmachari all their life
b)   To continue with their meditation for the rest of their life
c)   To marry the daughter of Kandu, enjoy the facilities of the world to the fullest and at the end develop devotion and return home back to godhead
d)   To return back to the kingdom and meet their father

04. When the Pracetas were blessed by the Lord,

a)   They began to offer wonderful prayers in glorification of the Lord describing His form and beauty
b)   They always desired to be considered by the Lord as His eternal servants
c)   They wanted to take complete shelter of the Lotus Feet of the Lord
d)   All the above

05. The only benediction asked by the Lord

a)   To bless them to have a beautiful and chaste wife
b)   To always be in the association of pure devotees
c)   To be able to rule the kingdom wisely for the benefit of the citizens for thousands of years
d)   To deliver their father King Pracinabarhi