Srimad Bhagavatam: Canto 06, Chapter 04 – The Hamsa Guhya Prayers Offered to the Lord by Prajapati Daksha

03. Soma pacified the Pracetas by telling ________

a)   Unnecessary anger is contrary to their duty and therefore they are supposed to control anger
b)   The trees are also subjects of the king and have to be given protection
c)   Everybody including trees should be considered as a residence of the Lord and hence be protected
d)   All the above


08. The Supreme Lord blessed Prajapati Daksa by ________

a)   Giving him long life
b)   Giving him unlimited wealth
c)   Giving him Asikini as his wife and be able to beget hundreds of children in her womb to increase the population as a service to the Lord
d)   Sending him to Vaikunta immediately