Srimad Bhagavatam: Canto 05, Chapter 12 – Conversation Between Maharaja Rahugana and Jada Bharata

02. Jada Bharata explained to Maharaja Rahuguna that

a)   All of us come to existence, remain for sometime and the body is annihilated and gets mingled with earth
b)   We all are dust and we shall but be dust
c)   Although the universe may temporarily appear to be truth, it ultimately has no real existence
d)   All the above

03. Jada Bharata explains that ultimate truth is

a)   The non dual knowledge devoid of contamination of material qualities
b)   The realization of that knowledge as Brahman, Pramatma and the Supreme Person
c)   Understanding that Supreme person as Vaasudeva
d)   All the above