Srimad Bhagavatam: Canto 04, Chapter 25 – The Descriptions of the Characteristics of King Puranjana

01. Hearing the instructions of Lord Shiva, the sons of King Barhisat

a)   Returned to the kingdom to lead a devotional life
b)   Called upon their father and complained against Lord Shiva
c)   Worshipped Lord Shiva with great devotion and respect and stood in water for 10,000 years reciting prayers given by Lord Shiva
d)   Performed severe meditation focusing on Lord Shiva

10. The woman on hearing the king’s proposal

a)   Became furious and cursed the king
b)   Instructed the king on the path self realization
c)   Ran away in fear
d)   Glorified the benefits of family life and married the king and they enjoyed life for 100 years

11. King Puranjana after marrying the woman

a)   Realized his supreme position as a servant of God and returned to the forest
b)   Was completely under the control of material intelligence and lived his life to fulfill the desires of the queen
c)   Although in family life was never able to live peacefully
d)   None of the above