Srimad Bhagavatam: Canto 04, Chapter 29 – Talks Between Narada and King Pracinabarhi

02. Puranjana is actually

a)   The 2 legged living entity
b)   The 4 legged living entity
c)   The many legged living entity
d)   Any type of living entity , as the so-called enjoyer

12. After Narada Muni finished his explanation about the real purpose of life by the allegorical story of Puranjana, King Pracinabarhi said that the reason he was unaware of all of it was

a)   He was a materialistic king and never took the advice of spiritual masters
b)   He had forgotten all what he had learnt
c)   The Spiritual masters who engaged him in fruitive activity were themselves unaware of this confidential knowledge
d)   He had neglected the advice of the Spiritual masters

14. The caterpillar transports itself from one leaf to another by capturing one leaf before giving up the other. This analogy is used to explain

a)   According to ones previous work, the living entity must capture another body before giving up the one he has
b)   One should find the next place to step on before removing the first step while walking
c)   The caterpillar has to cross many species before attaining a human form and hence is careful
d)   Living entity has to always plan his future well