Srimad Bhagavatam: Canto 05, Chapter 05 – Lord Rishabhadeva’s Teachings to His Sons

03. Characteristic of mahatmas are

a)   They are equipoised
b)   They are very peaceful and devoid of anger
c)   They are fully engaged in devotional service and work for the benefit of everyone
d)   All the above

10. Lord Rsabhadeva instructed His own sons because

a)   They were not following the path laid down by Him
b)   To set an example as to how a father should instruct His sons before retiring from family life
c)   They should properly take care of their mother
d)   He wanted the world to remember Him always

11. After instructing His sons, Lord Rsabhadeva

a)   Stayed back in the kingdom to see if the sons are really following His instructions
b)   Took His wife and went to the forest
c)   Enthroned Bharatha and lived like a madman, naked and disheveled hair
d)   Went on to deep meditation