Srila Prabhupada Lilamrita: Volume 03, Chapter 07 – India Revisited Part 2

02. Prabhupada on meeting his God Brothers,

a)     Would regularly invite them to join him in America
b)     Noticed that  there was no dynamic vision for preaching
c)     Would get them at least to think more of preaching
d)     All the above


03. With regard to return to the U.S. Prabhupada decided

a)     To return only after getting a permanent residency visa
b)     Instead for waiting for Permanent Residency Visa, Prabhupada decided to apply for visitor’s visa and reach U.S. as soon as possible
c)     To remain in Vrindavan and open an American house for his American disciples
d)     He has trained enough and it is not necessary for him to return