Nectar Of Instruction: Verse 02

04. Who is a mahatma ?

a) One who engages himself for the sense gratification of family
b) One who rejects personal sense gratification for the sense gratification of the society 
c) One who gratifies the senses of the Supreme Lord.
d) None of the above


08. What all does include “prajalpa” ?

a) To open factories, slaughterhouses & liquor shops
b) To read newspapers, magazines, watch T.V, play cards, debate on socio-political schemes
c) Activities like nationalism, humanitarianism, altruism
d) None of the above


12. Niyama-agrahah means that

a) One should be eager to accept rules & regulations for economic advancement
b) One should not accept scriptural rules & regulations for advancement in Krsna consciousness 
c) Both a & b
d) Neither a nor b