Srimad Bhagavatam: Canto 04 – The Creation of the Fourth Order

12. Understanding Dhruva Maharaja’s desire, the 2 Vishnu Dutas

a)   Told him that his mother had not performed serious austerities and hence could not go with him
b)   Showed him that his mother, Suniti, was going forward in another plane
c)   Showed him that all his family members were going to Vaikunta loka
d)   Told him that it was impossible to fulfill his desires


10. The son Vena thus born was a greatly irreligious person because

a)   The demigods were not happy with King Anga
b)   The boy greatly inherited from his maternal family and his maternal grandfather was death personified
c)   King Anga did not properly honor the preparation given to him as a result of the sacrifice
d)   The king offended Lord Vishnu


02. Vena was made the king because

a)   He was very qualified
b)   He would keep the people happy
c)   In the absence of king Anga there was no able ruler
d)   He was an able protector of the citizen


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