Srimad Bhagavatam: Canto 04 – The Creation of the Fourth Order

03. Lord Vishnu blessed the Pracetas by telling

a)   To remain Brahmachari all their life
b)   To continue with their meditation for the rest of their life
c)   To marry the daughter of Kandu, enjoy the facilities of the world to the fullest and at the end develop devotion and return home back to godhead
d)   To return back to the kingdom and meet their father

04. When the Pracetas were blessed by the Lord,

a)   They began to offer wonderful prayers in glorification of the Lord describing His form and beauty
b)   They always desired to be considered by the Lord as His eternal servants
c)   They wanted to take complete shelter of the Lotus Feet of the Lord
d)   All the above

05. The only benediction asked by the Lord

a)   To bless them to have a beautiful and chaste wife
b)   To always be in the association of pure devotees
c)   To be able to rule the kingdom wisely for the benefit of the citizens for thousands of years
d)   To deliver their father King Pracinabarhi

01. After being blessed by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Pracetas

a)   Ruled the kingdom for thousands of years and later left their wife under the care of her son and went to the forest to perfect their lives
b)   Ruled the kingdom for thousands of years and later along with their wife went to the forest to perfect their lives
c)   Were eternally very wisely ruling their kingdom
d)   Immediately left to the forest to be Krishna Conscious

02. After seeing Narada Muni, the Pracetas

a)   Asked him to bless them so that they can go back and rule the kingdom peacefully
b)   Felt that they were too much engrossed in family life
c)   Felt that they had almost forgotten the instructions of Lord Vishnu, Lord Siva and needed to be enlightened again by Narada Muni
d)   Both a and b

04. Savitra means

a)   Birth by semen
b)   Birth when one is initiated by the Spiritual Master
c)   Birth when one is given an opportunity to worship Lord Vishnu
d)   None of the above

05. Narada Muni’s main instruction was

a)   Analytical study of matter and Vedic literatures is all in all
b)   Performing severe austerities and perfecting one’s life should be the goal of life
c)   Understanding Supreme Personality of Godhead is what actually matters
d)   Elevated intelligence, strength and power of senses makes a man perfect

06. Narada Muni advises the Pracetas to worship

a)   The material nature as it is the immediate cause of cosmic manifestation
b)   The material nature as it is the ultimate cause of cosmic manifestation
c)   The direct cause, the Supreme Personality of Godhead as He is the cause of all causes
d)   The demigods as it is ultimately completely beneficial