Teachings of Lord Chaitanya

04. “You are the governor of Gauda, and you punish different kinds of criminals in different ways. So you are at liberty to punish anyone according to his activity.” By this reply what was Sanatana gosvami indicating?

a) He indicated that the nawab was very cruel
b) He indicated that as the governor was engaged in hunting animals and in killing men to expand his kingdom, let both of them suffer according to the acts they were performing.
c) He indicated that he was no more fit for the government service
d) None of these


03. Why was the nawab perturbed by Sanatana gosvami’s behavior?

a) As Sanatana gosvami gave false sick leave report
b) As Sanatana gosvami was studying Bhagavatam in the company of brahmanas, giving false sick leave report to nawab
c) As Sanatana gosvami entrusted the responsibilities of his government service to his assistants
d) Both b & c