Srimad Bhagavatam: Canto 05, The Creative Impetus

03. As days passed by, Maharaja Bharata

a)   Was totally engrossed in devotional service and made his life perfect
b)   Became strongly attached to the deer
c)   Forgot everything about his spiritual advancement
d)   Both band c

04. Maharaja Bharata was actually thinking

a)   That though the deer is disturbing his spiritual life, still the helpless creature cannot be neglected and that would be the greatest fault
b)   That the current greatest fault he is committing is not considering his spiritual advancement
c)   Of becoming a deer
d)   Of killing the deer

01. Material activities are simply external activities because

a)   By placing one’s faith on it, spiritual advancement does not manifest
b)   It is like a dream where in a person eventually realizes that actually it is all false
c)   By this the living entity remains in the material world to enjoy and suffer material pains and pleasures
d)   All the above