Gita Champions League – Miscellaneous Questions

255. Pick the odd one out.

a) Vaisnava sannyasis are engaged in the study of Bhagvatam, which affords the proper commentary on the Vedanta-sutras.
b) Mayavadi sannyasis are engaged in the study of Sankhya philosophy and dry speculation.
c) Mayavadis sannyasis also study the Vedanta-sutra, but use their own commentary, called Sariraka-bhasya, written by Shankaraacharya.
d) The students of the Mayavada School are engaged in the devotional service of the Lord.


260. Samprajnata Samadhi means _______

a) Situated in trance by various philosophical researches
b) Going in a secluded place like Himalayas or underground and do meditation.
c) Not talking to anyone anything.
d) None of the above.