Srila Prabhupada Lilamrita

02. Dr. Mishra’s personality was _____________.

a)     Dramatic and a showy personality
b)     Although a sannyasi did not wear the traditional saffron dhoti and kurta
c)     He accepted the Absolute Truth in the impersonal feature
d)     All the above


03. Dr.Mishra’s philosophy said

a)     ‘Everything is one’ – God and humans
b)     Spiritual self is not an individual 
c)     Supreme is only temporarily covered by illusion 
d)     All the above


06. Reply from the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was

a)     She could not help in setting up of Radha Krishna Temple in New York
b)     She would herself come to America to see the temple
c)     She would provide all financial help
d)     She was not appreciative of Prabhupada’s spiritual work