Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 02 – Contents of the Gita Summarized

23. How, by not fighting the war, Arjuna would be affected?

a)    Being a kshatriya, fighting is his duty as performing sacrifice is the duty of a brahmana
b)    By not fighting he would be neglecting his duties and incur sinful reactions
c)    By not fighting he would lose his reputation as a great warrior
d)    All of the above


27. What does capricious work means?

a)    Activities performed while one is in the modes of material nature
b)    Actions without the sanction of authority
c)    Not performing one’s duties
d)    None of these


29. Buddhi yoga means ______________.

a)    Success in the work
b)    Resultant action’s consciousness
c)    Hard labor
d)    Transcendental loving service to the Lord

The correct answer is
d)    Transcendental loving service to the Lord