Teachings of Lord Caitanya: Chapter 11 – Service to the Lord

01. Who is able to attain the desired results?

a) Who are expert in performing austerities.
b) Who give much in charity.
c) Who are very expert in reciting Vedic hymns.
d) Who utilizes his resources and performs his activities to attain devotional service to the Lord.


10. Why Devotional service is nice and pure?

a) Because it engage devotee to sense gratification.
b) Because it helps to fulfill only his material desires.
c) Because it caues miseries.
d) It purifies the devotee & forgets all material desires.


18. Who is eligible to become a elevated as a pure devotee?

a) One who is faithful and firmly convinced of rendering devotional service to Krishna.
b) One who is faithful and firmly convinced of speculative processes to attain knowledge.
c) One who is faithful and firmly convinced of ritualistic and sacrificial performances.
d) One who is faithful and firmly convinced of regulative duties.


20. According to Srimad Bhagavatam, who is known as the first-class devotee?

a) One who makes friends with the pure devotees, favors innocent persons and avoids atheistic persons.
b) One who is not cultivated in knowledge of devotional service, but engages in devotional service according to the directions of the spiritual master.
c) One who highly developed in Krishna consciousness and sees the Supreme Person in each &every living entity.
d) None of them.


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