Srimad Bhagavatam: Canto 04 – The Creation of the Fourth Order

10. It is advised to engage in devotional service of Krsna compared to the practices of jnanis or yogis because

a)   One in devotional service unto the lotus feet of the Supreme becomes so overwhelmed by transcendental bliss that automatically their desires for material enjoyment stops)   
b)   The jnanis and yogis get more entangled in false philosophical speculation or strenuous attempts to stop the activities of the senses
c)   Devotional service employs superior desires
d)   All the above


01. When Maharaja Prthu saw himself getting old,

a)   He went into deep meditation for the revival of his youth
b)   Divided his property among his citizens and went into the forest with his wife
c)   Abandoned his wife and alone went for meditation
d)   Abandoned his kingdom and went into forest with his entire family


05. Svarupopalabdhi means

a)   Understanding ones eternal position to be the servant of Krishna
b)   Understanding ones pure spiritual position
c)   Understanding ones true and real identity
d)   All the above 
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