Srimad Bhagavatam (Bhagavata Purana)

01. Sankhya philosophy deals with the

a)   Observational study of devotional service
b)   Analytical study of devotional service
c)   Philosophical study of devotional service
d)   Deductive study of devotional service


06. The material modes are also said to be tricolor with red, white, blue

a)   Red as mode of passion, White as mode of ignorance, Blue as mode of goodness
b)   Red as mode of passion, White as mode of goodness, Blue as mode of ignorance
c)   Red as mode of goodness, White as mode of ignorance, Blue as mode of passion
d)   Red as mode of ignorance, White as mode of passion, Blue as mode of goodness


09. Which of the following statements is correct?

a)   The individual conditioned souls have no choice in terms of accepting a particular type of body
b)   The living entity is the cause of his own suffering
c)   The living entity can also be the cause of his eternal happiness
d)   All the above


11. Which of the following is correct?

i) Material nature is ever existing 
ii) Material nature sometimes appears and disappears
iii) Cosmic manifestation is ever existing 
iv) Cosmic manifestation sometimes appears and disappears
a) Only i
b) Only ii
c) Both i and iv
d) Both ii and iii


12. Pradhana means

a)   Material nature in its subtle stage
b)   The stage where cause and effect are not clearly manifested
c)   Condition of the material nature immediately previous to its manifestation
d)   All the above


14. The living force

a)   Is a component of the Spiritual world
b)   Is a component of the material world
c)   Is produced by the interactions of the material elements
d)   Is produced by the interactions of 24 material elements 


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