Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 16 – The Divine and Demoniac Natures

03. What is the duty of a sannyasi?

a)    Distribute knowledge to those who have forgotten their spiritual advancement
b)    He should preach with logic & understanding about spiritual science
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of these


08. What is real ahimsa?

a)    Not killing any living entity
b)    Not checking anyone’s progressive life
c)    Being calm & quiet
d)    All of the above


11. What are the qualities of a demoniac person?

a)    Ignorance, harshness, anger & arrogance
b)    Ignorance, harshness, conceit, anger & pride
c)    Ignorance, harshness, conceit, anger, arrogance & pride
d)    Ignorance, harshness, conceit, demanding, anger & arrogance


16. What interpretation do demons have regarding the creation of the world?

a)    The material manifestation arises due to chance material actions and reactions
b)    There is no cause other than the material nature being the origin of this manifestation
c)    They do not accept God as the creator of this world, but rather everyone has their own theory of creation
d)    All of the above


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